Gandt is a rare treasure, a Navy jet jock with the rare gift of being able to tell a compelling story in a believable and exciting manner that leaves the reader exhausted at the end.                                   
Robert Gandt is a former Pan Am pilot who also happens to have the pen of a poet.                    —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Written in a wonderful bold style, with pathos, humor, tragedy, and gripping suspense. . .              —STEPHEN COONTS

We have seen the future and it is . . .


You knew that, of course.  But your digital future extends beyond e-books and compact readers and computer reading apps.  Downloadable audio books are surging into the mainstream of Americans’ book preferences.  Instead of clunky boxed sets of multiple audio CDs or—remember book tape cassettes?—you can now download audio books directly into your digital device—iPod, Kindle, iPhone, Android tablet.  The list of devices expands almost daily.

And so does the roster of Robert Gandt audio books.  Already available in audio format are The Twilight Warriors and Intrepid, each produced by Random House to accompany the hardcover and ebook editions.  Recently rendered in audio format is the novel With Hostile Intent and the classsic airline saga, Skygods, each richly narrated by novelist and audio producer Thomas Block.  Both are downloadable from and

Stay tuned.  Coming in May . . . The President’s Pilot.  The newly-released thriller, also narrated by Thomas Block, will be downloadable in new 21st century audio format.

The future is here.