Gandt is a rare treasure, a Navy jet jock with the rare gift of being able to tell a compelling story in a believable and exciting manner that leaves the reader exhausted at the end.                                   

Robert Gandt is a former Pan Am pilot who also happens to have the pen of a poet.                    —CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Written in a wonderful bold style, with pathos, humor, tragedy, and gripping suspense. . .              —STEPHEN COONTS

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One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself. ― LEONARDO DA VINCI

Some eighty million Boomers are scheduled to march off the precipice called retirement.  Close behind them come the Gen Xers, now entering their second half-century.   For a huge number of seniors,  the sweet dream of retirement is already an empty abyss.  Many have resigned themselves to the slow, insidious erosion of their power and self esteem.

MASTERY is about reclaiming that power. 

Acclaimed health and wealth writer Gary A. Scott and award-winning author Robert Gandt take you on a magic journey to heights you may have believed were closed to you.  MASTERY debunks the myths about age and ability and shows how—at any age—you can:

Dramatically improve your health and fitness
 Learn a new language
Learn to fly, meditate, juggle, cook, play an instrument.
Write a book and see it published
Read 1000+ words a minute and retain what you learn
Travel the world with a new zest for adventure
Launch a micro business

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